How Carbon Footprints Can Be Minimised By Paper Shredding

How Carbon Footprints Can Be Minimised By Paper Shredding

 As environmental regulations are becoming a key priority, offices, and organisations are adopting sustainable practices. Paper shredders are essential not only for regulatory compliance but also for reducing carbon footprints. Thus, paper shredding supports the reduction of the impact of environmental issues.

Paper Waste: Its Impact

Paper waste's impact is always underestimated in comparison to the damage caused by plastic waste.Thereby, proper disposal of paper waste is not implemented among businesses. This has the potential to have a significant impact on the economy and the environment.

Some of the impacts are:

  • From torn paper to outdated office files, paper waste causes litter around public areas, making it unattractive for tourists and clients. This waste disposal also forms a breeding ground for other small animals, causing outbreaks of diseases.

  • Trees are cut down for paper creation, doing this on a larger scale can lead to deforestation, which in turn leads to the extinction of flora and fauna.

  • Increase in landfill volume—each year, approximately 85 million metric tonnes of paper are dumped. This fills around 40% of landfills, sometimes these are burned, causing air pollution.


How Does Paper Shredding Minimise Carbon Footprints?


  • By recycling the shredded paper, we can reduce the consumption of energy and water that is used in new paper creation. We use 70% less energy and water than what is required when we recycle shredded paper.
  • A large number of trees are required in the production of paper.When we recycle a single tonne of paper, we can save around 17 trees. Therefore, we can preserve trees and forests by opting for the use of shredded paper after recycling.
  •  We can help minimise the release of greenhouse gases. This can be achieved by saving trees through recycling, as mentioned in the previous point; thus, the more trees we leave standing, the more CO2 they absorb, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduction of landfill problems: Paper waste makes up around 26% of landfills globally due to improper recycling of paper. This can be reduced by the paper shredding process, where the paper is disposed of and goes into the recycling chain, thus reducing the landfill problem.
  • Encouraging the recycling of paper. Recycling shredded papers is a simpler method, and you can create new paper goods from them. This reduces not only the amount of paper waste dumped in landfills, but also the number of trees cut down for paper production.



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