6 Problems Faced While Using Printer Cartridges

6 Problems Faced While Using Printer Cartridges

We all tend to face issues with every product we use. It's no different with printer cartridges.

Most offices and schools use printers on a daily basis. Hence, they could face issues caused by Printer Cartridges. 

Here we are going to discuss the problems faced while using these cartridges.


1. Poor Print Quality

There can be two reasons for this. Firstly, your ink or toner cartridge might be at the end of its life. Print quality can also drop when the quality of the cartridge you are using is below par. 

2. Missing Colors From the Print

Ink in the cartridges needs to be checked at intervals. Ink tends to dry up when not in use for a long time, thus resulting in missing colours in print. Similarly, this can also happen when the cartridge is full; this might be due to the clogging inside the nozzle.


3. Dysfunctional Cartridges

Sometimes new ink cartridges will not be accepted by the printer. In such cases, you can either check to see if the protective seal on the nozzle has been removed or replace it. 

Or you can also reinstall the old cartridge, wait for the printer to accept it, and then replace it with a new ink cartridge. So, when you buy toner cartridge, make sure you are buying compatible ones. 


4. Fade In Prints

The main factors that cause this are:

  • The low ink content in the ink cartridge. Check your cartridge and refill it if necessary.
  • Check your printer settings and set it to normal printing; this error occurs when it is in draft mode.


5. Non-Original Cartridge Messages 

When you use non-OEM ink cartridges and in turn use compatible refilled printer cartridges, your printer might display a warning message that you are not using genuine ink cartridges.

In such cases, you can either click on the OK button at the end of the message to remove it, or you can remove the gold contact chip that is present with a lint-free cloth before reinstalling.

6. White Stripes Or Spots On Prints

This happens due to the clogging of print heads. In such instances, you are advised to start a cleaning cycle on your printer as per the instructions.


The Solutions for All These Problems

Use good-quality cartridges for better printing standards. Depending on the type of printer you use, you can either buy ink cartridge or a toner cartridge which are branded.

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