Laminator Troubleshooting 101: How to Fix the Top 5 Problems

Troubleshooting Laminating Machines: Solving the 5 Most Common Issues

We often encounter problems while using laminating machines. Common problems with a laminating machine cause a lot of frustration for printers. From delayed jobs and wasted film to wasted stock, a lot of time and resources can be lost due to issues with lamination. In this article, we provide simple tips to increase productivity and give customers higher-quality results. Read on to find out how to prevent common issues and ensure a successful laminating process.

  1. The film isn’t sticking

This is a common problem encountered with digital prints. This is because of the ink composition and how it bonds with the adhesive. 

To ensure a successful finish, it is important to use the right film, as it reacts differently with different stocks, inks, and machines. 

You can also turn the machine on well in advance to get the full heat, as laminating in cold leads to temperature differences on the roll, which then affects the quality of the finishing. 

Make sure the ink is fully dry before laminating, thereby leaving time for the print to cure.

By following these steps, you will be able to create a successful lamination that looks great and lasts for a long time.


  1. Marks on the print

This happens due to something stuck on the laminating machine's roll, thereby reducing the quality of the finish. 

To prevent this from happening, it is important to ensure that all materials are clean and that all materials are clean.

You can also make sure that the print is fed parallel to the roll. Doing so will help minimize any potential feeding waves that may distort the image.

  1. Formation of bubbles under the film


This happens due to many reasons, so there is not a single fix.

To ensure the finest results when printing, it is important to make sure the tension on the feed spool is adjusted according to the film specs. Too much or too little tension can cause air to become trapped between the film and the print, leading to poor-quality tests. The correct tension depends on the film being used, with thicker films requiring more tension.

Additionally, the print should not be fed into the machine faster than the laminator speed, and the ink should be completely dry to prevent the film from sticking.


In order to maintain a consistent temperature, the laminating machines should not be left idle for long periods of time, and the laminator speed and temperature should be adjusted accordingly.

By following these tips, you can ensure the best quality printing results.



  1. Wrapping of films around the rear rolls


We tend to encounter this issue with lighter films, this is due to the effects of static electricity. To prevent this issue, follow the instructions given.

Start laminating in a continuous feed, the weight will help in holding the film.

Also leave a few inches of extra film between each sheet, thus adding weight to the film. This helps mitigate the effects of static electricity.

The usage of tinsel with a metal core will help neutralize static electricity. Stretch the tinsel tight, place it 0.25 inches from the material to be laminated, and make sure there is free air surrounding it.


  1. Orange peel and wrinkles on print

This happens when the machine is too hot. There are several tips on how to reduce wrinkles or waves from print.

First, reduce the temperature, that is use the recommended working temperature for a particular film.

Secondly, increase the speed of the laminator, as you run the film faster, it does not heat up the machine as much.

Finally, the formation of orange peel is a result of solvent residues on the print. Therefore, use films that are suitable for your requirement. 



It can be difficult to properly troubleshoot laminating issues, which is why it's best to get professional help. 

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