Pilot WINGEL Roller Ball Gel Pen 0.5

Color: Black
Unit: 12Pcs/Packet
QAR 45


The Pilot Wingel is a cap type gel pen which comes in 8 bright and vivid colours. With its wing shaped rubber grip and smooth writing feel, this is definitely a gel pen that you will enjoy writing with! It is refillable with the BLS-WG (0.38 mm/ 0.5mm / 0.7mm).

Refill : BLS-WG-5

Tip : Stainless steel

Width of stroke : 0.25mm

Weight : 10.3.g

Brand Pilot
Model BLUE (BL-WG-5-L) /  BLACK (BL-WG-5-B) / RED (BL-WG-5-R) / GREEN (BL-WG-5-G) 
Color Blue / Black/ Red /Green

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