Vileda Infinity Clothes Airer 27m V-0195

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Vileda Infinity

The Vileda Infinity: An abundance of space for your laundry


Does a conventional winged dryer not always give you enough space for all your laundry? Sometimes you need more drying space than usual, especially for larger items such as bedding and large towels. The Vileda Infinity winged dryer is extendable, so you can adjust it according to each specific load of laundry.


The extendable dryer


The special feature of the Vileda Infinity winged dryer is its extendable drying rods. When they are pushed together, the dryer is no bigger than a model with standard dimensions. The length of 1.86 metres is generally sufficient for one or two loads of laundry. If you need to dry more laundry or some particularly large items, you can extend the Vileda Infinity to up to 2.57 metres. This gives you enough space for up to three loads of laundry.


This is how it works: The Vileda Infinity has two sets of rods that are inserted into one another. If you want to extend the dryer, the inner rods can be pulled out of the outer rods to give you plenty more drying space. If you don’t need as much space, simply push the airer together again. And if you want to make the dryer even more compact, you can also collapse the wings. Both the outer and inner drying rods are particularly thick, so they don’t leave an imprint on the dried laundry. This saves you a lot of time during ironing.


Practical extras of the Vileda Infinity


As well as the extendable drying rods, the Vileda Infinity has a number of other practical extras. It features an attachment which is specifically designed for drying smaller garments, such as socks, underwear or face cloths. These items often take up an unnecessary amount of space on dryers. But not on the Infinity! Simply insert the items into the notches on the attachment – no clothes pegs are required to hold them in place.


If you want to move the Vileda Infinity to a different position, the wheels integrated into one of the support legs can help. They make it easy to move the dryer, even when it is fully loaded.


True quality from Vileda


The Vileda Infinity is made of robust and durable steel. This gives the dryer extra stability and ensures that it will be able to dry your laundry for many years to come. The corners and edges of the frame, as well as the joints, are made of scratch-resistant plastic.


When assembling the Vileda Infinity, the legs lock securely into the joint thanks to the click system. This prevents the dryer from collapsing accidentally. The wide legs provide additional stability.



When folded down, the Vileda Infinity doesn’t take up any more storage space than a conventional winged dryer. It can be conveniently stored in a cupboard or between furniture and a wall to save space.


The advantages of the Vileda Infinity:


    - Can be extended from 186 cm up to 257 cm

    - Extra-thick drying rods for crease-free laundry

    - Includes attachment for smaller garments

    - Wheels ensure you can move the dryer effortlessly




1 Vileda Infinity


1 attachment for smaller garments


Technical data:


Dimensions: 56 x 9.3 x 118 cm (L x D x H)


Colour: White

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