Nestle Nescafe Gold Jar 50grams

Unit: Bottle
QAR 16.50


NESCAFÉ Gold Blend is much more than a great tasting coffee. It’s a superior, premium coffee that has raised the bar in coffee quality over the last 50 years. Crafted by some of the world’s premier coffee experts, NESCAFÉ GOLD presents a quality coffee experience that has been a huge favourite for decades.

Only world-class Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are selected and golden roasted to create the rich, satisfying taste and alluring aroma of this sophisticated coffee Powder.

Now, with the new NESCAFÉ GOLD - expertly crafted with finely ground Arabica coffee to release the soul of the bean, you can enjoy a bolder start to your day with a stronger coffee and fuller aroma.

Size 50 Grams Jar
Quantity 1 Jar or 12 Jars/Box
Manufacturer Nescafe
Type CoffeePowder

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