HQ-336 A3 2-Roller Portable Laminating Machine

QAR 195


HQ series is a 2 rollers design laminator with cold & hot laminating function.These quality machines are equipped with portable design and manual release function that provide users a friendly and convenient operation environment.


Three functions in one machine: sealing, cutting and trimming.

1 (1)

Silicone roller makes a glue more tight

1 (2)

Fast film removal, works even when the power is off.

1 (3)

A small paper cutter is stored in the back groove

1 (4)

Product Structure


1.Pouch Output 6.Pre-heating Indicator
2.Pouch Input 7.Power Indicator
3.Sliding Rail 8.Power Switch
4.Foot Pad 9.Cutter Head
5.Reverse 10.Measurement Grid

Product Parameters

Model Number: HQ-336
Laminating type: Cold/Hot
Warm Up Time: 1.5~2min
Laminating width: 230mm
Laminating speed: 400mm/min
Laminating Thickness: 0.5mm
Laminating Range: 80~125mic
Roller Q’ty: 2
Machine size: 462x151.6x66.5mm
Weight: 1.2kg


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