DSB Electrical Comb and Wire Binding Machine CW4500

QAR 2,350


The DSB CW-4500 Professional Multi-functional Dual Binding System is the total solution for users wanting the flexibility of binding documents with both Wire and Plastic Combs, with the added advantage of an Electrical Punch System - One single unit creates unlimited potential with extremely Low Costs and High Quality. The Unique design of the CW-4500 means that it can Stand Upright for Easy Storage and has an Easy Carry Solution.
The CW-4500 has a Large Electric Punch Capacity depending on the binding type chosen - 34 holes for wires punches up to 20 Sheets - 21 holes for combs punches 25 Sheets - For PVC 0.2mm covers it can punch 2 Sheets. The Binding Capacity for Wire is 5mm to 16mm (up to 130 sheets) and Plastic Comb is 6mm to 51mm (up to 500 sheets. The paper format can be A4 or Letter.
Fully featured including a Dual Punch and Bind System for both Plastic Comb and Wire Binding, a Unique design for Wire Hanging, a Measure Guide for determining the size of the Wires correctly, a Micro-adjustor for the exact Closing of the Wires plus Safe Sensor for the over-loading Punching Scraps and a User-friendly Edge Guide designed for adjusting the Paper format easily.


  • Punching capacity: 

32 / 34 holes wire – 15 sheets 
19 / 21 holes comb – 20 sheets
PVC 0.2mm cover – 2 sheets

  • Binding capacity: 

O – wire: 5mm ~ 28mm (250 sheets)
Plastic comb: 6mm ~ 51mm (500 sheets)

  • Paper format accepted: A4, LTR
  • Punch & Bind: Individual system for punch & bind which allows operating separately
  • Edge guide: Adjustable for A4, LTR
  • Punching depth: 2 steps adjustable for plastic comb
  • Loading of paper: Vertical
  • Punching Mode: Electric
  • Machine Dimension: 440 x 430 x 215mm
  • Net weight: 20 kg

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