DSB 330 ARP A3 Laminating Machine

QAR 845


The DSB 330-ARP High Speed Photo Quality A3 Laminator is suitable for Professional and Commercial Users using 4 Roller Hot Shoe and Heating Element Technology.
When it comes to implementing Green Technology and Superb Performance, the fully certified DSB 330-ARP is the best in class. A micro processor constantly monitors the temperature of the 330-ARP so that no more power is used than required, and a standby mode minimises the voltage requirement, preserving temperature and giving a rapid warm-up when the machine is required again. The 330-ARP which is built using sustainable, environmental-friendly materials, has been tested and been awarded several Multi-National Patents for its advanced Heating System which can be used for many years to come.
The 330-ARP has an Ultra-Quick Warm Up time of less than 3 minutes, with an adjustable Temperature Control and an excellent Laminating Speed no matter what thickness of pouches are required to be used.
Other features include easy rear feeding via a folding support tray which can be used for east storage, a Reverse Button in case of Jam Clearing, a Quick Warm-Up of 3 minutes with an Adjustable Temperature Control and High Speed Laminating of up to 800mm/min.


• Max Laminating Width: 330mm - A3
• Warm Up Time: 3 minutes
• Laminating Speed: 80cm per minute - Fixed
• Pouch Thickness: 75 - 250 microns (150 - 500 in total)
• Suitable for Heavy & Educational use
• Dimensions (WxDxH): 506 x 196 x 172mm
• Weight: 7.4kg

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