Casio MEP-T10 Label Printer

QAR 375 QAR 415


Dedicated tape that is functional and easy to use!

Attach and Peel Off

No adhesive residue! Easy to reattach!

No Backing Sheet

Attach immediately! No wastepaper!

PC-Connectable for Quick, Convenient Label Printing!

Connect to a PC via a USB connection. Print labels by inputting text using a keyboard or copying and pasting from a Web site or e-mail.

Input from a PC

Input using a keyboard. Or, use copy and paste to transfer text.

Attractive Text

Create labels using fonts installed on your PC!

Multiple Languages

Create labels in the languages you use in your PC environment!

Simple Touch Panel Operation

Support for everything from label and memo production to schedule management.

Printing of Handwritten Text or Illustrations

Print handwritten text or illustrations.

Input Using a Software Keyboard

Print labels in attractive text input by touching the keys on a software keyboard displayed on the screen.

Interface: USB Tapes Used: • XA-9WE1 (white, 9mm) • XA-9YW1 (yellow, 9mm) • XA-9PK1 (pink, 9mm) • XA-12WE1 (white, 12mm) • XA-12YW1 (yellow, 12mm) • XA-12PK1 (pink, 12mm) • XA-18WE1 (white, 18mm) • XA-18YW1 (yellow, 18mm) • XA-18PK1 (pink, 18mm)      

Other Functions

[Calendar Function] Easy-to-read monthly calendar.
[Clock Function] Display the current time in large numbers.
[Calculator Function] Print the calculation results.
[Backlight] LCD with a bright backlight for easy viewing.

    Type Label Printer
    Manufacturer Casio
    Model MEPT10

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