Casio FX-9860GII Graphing Calculator

QAR 465 QAR 525




  • Dynamic Graphing
  • Easy to use, Icon-Based Menu System
  • Dual Graph & Table Display
  • Natural Input and output of Inequalitiy graphs
  • Natural Display allows entry and output of mathematics just like in a textbook
  • Built-in spreadsheet application
  • In-Depth Conics application
  • Pre-loaded Geometry application
  • 1.5MB of flash memory / 62KB RAM
  • 200 hours of battery life (AAA x 4)
  • Pre-loaded Geometry Application
  • Downloadable Quick Reference Guide


High Resolution LCD

The fx-9860GII features a sharp, crisp high-resolution LCD display assuring larger and even sharper images of graphs, formulas, and graphics.

High-Speed CPU

The fx-9860GII accelerated processing speed is approximately three to five times faster than conventional models. Even the most complex calculations and graphics are quickly produced with fewer keystrokes and less steps.

Type Graphing Calculator
Manufacturer Casio
Model FX9860GII or FX9860G2



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