When You Should Replace Your Printer Cartridge

Printing needs never end and that's why a printer is indispensable equipment for a business. 

Over time, you may witness the print quality drop or the punch of the colours differing when using the printer. This is not always a printer's multifunction. 

It can be because your printer's toner cartridge dying. Yes, printer cartridges wear out eventually and it needs to be replaced after a certain of time. 

It doesn't come with an expiry date but you can look out for some signs to understand whether it's time to replace it. 

Here are the signs that show it's time to buy a new printer ink cartridge

1. Your Printer Is Displaying Low Ink Warning

Most modern printers will either display 'Low ink' or similar text on their screens or blink/flash the ink level light to indicate that ink is low. However, if you have an older printer model, you may not see these signs.

Instead, your printer will signal you with a code that you can look up in the manual to understand what it means. You can also search the internet for an alternative to deciphering the code. 

In some models, the printer software also pushes notifications via the computer when ink is low.

Although you might still have some ink left in your toner cartridge when you see these messages, it's probably time to go ahead and change it out. However, if you use your printer extensively, it's a good idea to keep a spare cartridge on hand so you're not caught without one.

2. Unclear Letters

Streaks, smudges, or lines on the printed letters are a sign it might be time to replace your toner cartridge. Another indication that it's time for a new cartridge is if some colours start to disappear or look faded.

Not only does an empty toner cartridge result in the printer being unable to print evenly, but it also affects the print quality and readability - something that your customers will definitely not be happy about. So it's important to keep an eye out for these signs so that you can change your toner cartridge in a timely manner and avoid any negative feedback!

If you find that your Toner Cartridge is beginning to produce streaks or smudges, don't immediately go out and buy a new one! Try removing the cartridge and giving it a good shake - this can often fix the problem temporarily.

3. You Are Getting Faded Colours

If the colours in your prints are looking faded, it's likely because your toner cartridge is running low on ink. This is one of the most common signs that you need to replace your toner cartridge. 

In some cases, if the cartridge is too low, the colours you print may be different from what you expect. For example, if you try to print a green image, it might come out as blue.

So, next time you see faded colours, remember to replace your toner cartridge.

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4. You Can't Use Some Options

This is an uncommon sign that people are generally less aware of, but it does happen and can be quite frustrating when it does. 

If you have a printer and the option to scan, print, etc. suddenly stops working as it should, it may be because your toner cartridge needs to be replaced. 

Even if all the ink is present at a sufficient level but just one colour is running low, you could still face this issue.

5. Your Printer Signals "Check the Toner Cartridges"

Yes, some printers will display an error message like this when the toner cartridge needs to be replaced. Your printer will usually stop printing after such a signal appears.

You may be able to extend the life of your current toner cartridge by selecting the 'Resolve Error' or 'Ignore' button, but this could damage your printer. Replacing your toner cartridge is the safer option.


In summary, it could be the signal to replace your toner cartridge when you see 'Ink low' warnings, streaks or lines on the printed letter, the print colour is fading, some options of your printer aren't working, or your printer signals to check the toner cartridge. Keep in mind that using your printer with an empty cartridge can damage the machine.

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