A 6-Point Checklist for Setting Up Your Office

Starting a company and office is a dream of many. If you are reading this, you are probably one of those passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs.

If you plan to start an office but don't know where to start the work, this blog is for you. 

Here, you can find a 6-point checklist to help you get clarity on setting up a new office. Let's get started. 

1. Plan the Layout

Assuming that you have already bought a space, you have to plan the structure of your office initially. It depends upon the size of your firm and the designations of your employees. 

For example, managers at your company might need a dedicated cabin. Depending on the nature of your business, other teams, like HR, accounts, etc., also might need a separate cubicle. 

Hence, you have to plan accordingly. It would be best if you also planned where to set the desk, PC, plug points, furniture, etc. If you are finding it difficult, seek advice from an architect or engineer. 

2. Buy Furniture and Other Materials

Next, you have to decide how many and what type of chairs you need. For example, executive chairs, mesh chairs, leather chairs, etc. It would help if you also were certain about other furniture you need, like sofas, bean bags, tables, and others. 

Prepare a list of your furniture requirements and head to a furniture dealer to buy them. Don't settle with the first dealer you meet. Visit as many furniture stores as possible, compare the price & quality and make your decision.

Similarly, purchase other materials like tiles, switches, wires, lights, and more. If you have too much on your place, entrust purchasing with your contractor, engineer or architect. 

3. Get the Interiors Done

Now that the outline of your office and the furniture is ready, it's time to make your space elegant and meaningful. 

In this stage, you work out your plan. Firstly, you should carry out the electrical work. Then the painting should take place. When choosing a colour, keep your brand in mind. Also, be mindful of colour psychology since it can play a vital role in changing the mood of your space.

Thirdly, get the flooring done and the cabins built as planned earlier. Make sure you use the best materials for that. Finally, place the furniture appropriately. 

4. Get All the Equipment

You are almost there. 

Your office skeleton is ready. Now, it's time to place the organs, which are the equipment you need.

Find below the essential equipment you will need for your office. 


Computers should be the priority when it comes to buying equipment. Needless to say, your employees cannot work without a computer. It's just like a gun for a soldier or a pen for a writer. 

Understand the specifications the computers will need and go for them. The better the specifications are, the longer your team can use them and the better the work efficiency be. 

Computer Devices & Accessories

Getting computer devices and accessories can make your computers complete. You could buy mouse pads for smooth usage of the mouse, a hard disk to store important files, wifi extenders, wifi receivers and more.  

Multifunction Printers

Printers are another piece of equipment you cannot avoid buying because your company will surely have printing needs. Hence, you need not rely on another company for printing needs when you have a multifunction printer

If you buy an inkjet printer, ensure you stock some Ink Cartridges. On the other hand, if you are using laser printers, buy some Toner Cartridges so that you do not need to worry when your printer runs out of ink. 

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Paper Shredder

This is another must-have product for your office. Being a company, you will have many documents concerning your employees, bank, and more. Such documents can be misused for identity theft and fraudulence. 

With Paper Shredders, you can destroy those documents after you don't need them anymore. They help to reduce papers and documents to strips or particles. It also helps to keep the volume of waste low. 

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Laminating Machine

Buying a laminating machine would be a good idea. It can help you safeguard any documents, such as certifications, IDs and more, that need to be preserved. For this also, you can visit Myoffice, where you can find your ideal laminating machine in Qatar at the best price. And we could guide you throughout the buying process if you require. 

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5. Set Up Internet

Now that you have all the equipment, it's time to make a broadband connection, which is a must in this digital era where we often communicate through the internet. 

Ensure you opt for a provider that offers top download and upload speed. Most importantly, make sure their connection is reliable. This will ensure your team's work goes seamlessly. 

6. Buy & Stock Stationery Items

Office work involves a fair share of noting down stuff. Hence, it would be best to keep supplies like pens and notepads. 

Similarly, buying a whiteboard and marker would also be helpful in your team meetings where you want to write or draw something to show your team. 

Other items you could buy include folders, A4 papers, sticky notes, clips, and staplers. 

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We hope it's clear to you now how to set up an office and the procedure for the same. Start by planning the structure of your office, get furniture and other materials, carry out interior design works, buy all the necessary equipment, get an internet connection and finally, stock stationery items. 

In each step, make sure you partner with an experienced and reputed company, be it for structural works, electrical works or even for the equipment you need. 

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