Autofeed Shredder Vs Manual Shredders:

Autofeed Shredder Vs Manual Shredders: What Are The Differences?

Data breaches and Cyberattacks are major concerns in today's digital world. So, every business must consider document safety and security. 

According to Check Point Research Cyber attacks increased year over year

Whether for personal use or within a business environment, paper shredding offers a reliable method to ensure that confidential information does not fall into the wrong hands.  

Auto-feed shredders and manual shredders are two popular types of shredders available. Understanding the difference between these shredders helps you to choose the right one for your needs. In this blog, we explore the main difference between Auto-feed Shredders and Manual Shredders.

Autofeed Shredder vs. Manual Shredder


Auto-feed Shredder 

Manual Shredder

Privacy and Security

Auto-feed paper shredders feature a PIN-locked mechanism to secure your unshredded documents. Offer a higher level of security than manual shredders.

The security level of manual shredders is lower than auto-feed shredders.


Auto-feed shredders can handle a large number of sheets at once. Ideal for businesses with substantial shredding needs.

Compared to auto-feed shredders, manual shredders have a lower capacity. Users may need to spend more time shredding documents.


Requires regular cleaning and maintenance  due to their complex mechanisms

More Flexible. Easy to operate and maintain.


Expensive than manual shredders because of the advanced technology and automation.

Low-cost and affordable. Accessible to a larger audience.

Time & Effort 

Autofeed paper shredding machines are more convenient and viable for easy and safe shredding.

Manual shredding of papers comparatively takes a bit

 of time.


Traditional manual shredding of papers can be time-consuming. This machine may not meet business-oriented requirements like large projects. 

At the same time, an auto-feed paper-shredding machine is viable for the easy and safe cutting of documents. This is more convenient and reduces shredding time and cost for fast-paced businesses.

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