5 Major Parts of a Printer

5 Major Parts of a Printer

Printers have become an essential part of the commercial world, haven't they? 

In one look, it's just a box-like machine that prints on paper, but it's more than just that. Printers have several components which altogether help to get the printing done. 

And, in this blog, we are going to see all the integral parts of the printer.  


1. Paper Support 

You might be familiar with the paper support. 

Paper support is a part that comes on the top of the printer. This is where the blank papers to print are stored. 

It's from the paper support, a paper is pushed inside the printer when you initiate printing. 


2. Sheet Feeder 

The Sheet Feeder can be found right below the paper support. 

Once the paper starts leaving the paper support, it goes next into the sheet feeder and that's where the printing process begins. 

It has 2 pins on which the paper is placed which ensures the paper goes wrinkle-free. 

3. Output Tray 

The output tray is the one you can find below the printer where the paper arrives after the whole printing process. 

When Paper Support holds the paper before printing, Output Tray holds the paper after printing. 

4. Print Head

A print head is the part of a printer that is responsible for putting ink onto paper. It is typically a removable component that is connected to the printer and is made up of a series of small jets or nozzles.

When an image is sent to the printer, the print head moves across the page and sprays tiny droplets of ink onto the paper to create the desired image.


5. Printer Cartridges 

Printer cartridges are the warehouse of ink in printers. There are mainly 2 types of cartridges: 

5.1. Ink cartridge 

An Ink Cartridge is the reservoir of ink in inkjet printers. It has a sponge which soaks the ink and prints on paper. There is another type of ink cartridge which communicates with the computer and initiates the printing. 

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5.2 Toner Cartridge 

The toner cartridge is the ink repository of laser printers. They are otherwise known as Laser cartridges. 

The kind of ink used in this is dry which once initiated printing gets transferred onto the drum, and it gets transferred on the paper eventually using hot rollers. 

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We hope that now it's clear to you about the parts of a printer. Paper support, sheet feeder, output tray, printer head and printer cartridges are some of the vital parts that make a printer a 'printer'. Next time when you buy a printer, make sure you check all these parts.