Baijia BJ-141 UV Counterfeit Money Detector

QAR 265


1. UV

Real banknote, bill or securities do not reflect white light under ultraviolet light.

You can see some of the marks, pattern, security threads and metalized filament fluorescent in yellow, blue or green while such features can not be seen on fake banknote.

About features of the real banknotes cannot be seen in daylight but only under ultraviolet light.

2. W/M

Put a piece of banknote, bill or securities on the platform to observe the transmittance of the watermark, security thread and pattern of the banknote

3. Dimensional Measurements

Compare the size of the banknote, bill or securities to the standard one in the detecting platform.

Check the specific position of the marks and pattern on the banknote.

4. MG

Detect the banknote with magnetic ink.

Press the banknote magnetic part against the magnetic sensor and then rub it left and right. 5. 230×7mm Interspaces

To detect biggish documents, contract, and certificates.

Magnifier Multiple 3x or 7x
Light Source 2 x 6W L/UV tube
1 x 6W down white light tube
Power Source AC 220V 50Hz  AC 110V 60Hz
Power Consumption ≤18W
Unit Dimension 265(L)x153(W)x149(H)mm
Net Weight  1.00kg

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